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For Barbeques

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Own your own tank and can bring them in? Or are they too big to bring to us? Or do you want the convenience to exchange empty for full?


You have options!


Retail Sales

We provide propane refilling and tank sales at our Chemainus location, just west off the Trans Canada Highway.


Fuel Delivery

We deliver to many areas of Vancouver Island for customers having larger cylinders or tanks that are difficult or impossible to take to a refuelling station. If you'd like to schedule a delivery, contact us during normal business hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday.


Tank Exchange

If you have an empty 20 lb BBQ tank or forklift tank, just click over to our Tank 4 Tank page to find the closest location where you can exchange your empty for full tank.

Are Your Tanks Out Of Date?

In Canada, it is against the law to refill an outdated tank. Refillable propane tanks expire after 10 years. If you know your tank is outdated or aren't sure how to check, bring it in and we can bring it up to date if needed*, and certify it while you wait.

Click here for more information.

* Added charges may apply if tank is out of date and requires recertification