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Tank 4 Tank Exchange

* In British Columbia

Why Exchange?


  • Tank4Tank cylinders are always clean,

  • freshly painted,

  • inspected,

  • and  properly certified


  • No waiting for fills, just exchange your tank

  • Locations throughout British Columbia

  • Available 7 days a week in many locations

  • With extended service hours in most places

  • For your BBQ and forklift tanks!

Safety and the Environment

By choosing Tank4Tank, your are choosing to help the environment. All our tanks are previously used, refurbished, and re-certified. Tank4Tank is a registered requalifier with Transport Canada, and we maintain and re-certify them on an ongoing basis.

We inspect and purge our cylinders at each refill, and will completely refurbish them if needed; including if they reach ten years in service so they can remain in circulation and not end up in landfills. When ready, our cylinders are filled according to government standards, to ensure your safety and ensuring no venting due to temperature changes.

Tank 4 Tank Locations

Tank4Tank Locations

Enter your address or postal code to find your closest Tank4Tank location!

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