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    Refurbished Tanks

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Speaking of recertification, we do that too!  If your tank is out of date, we can inspect it and bring it up to date while you wait (depending on whether it passes inspection). Generally speaking it requires removal of the old valve and fittings, inspection, and replacement of the valve and possibly the fittings too (you may not have any other than the valve itself).

  • Please ensure your tanks are empty prior to bringing them in for recertification


Refurbished Tanks

We sell refurbished tanks. What does that mean? It means that by purchasing from us, you are choosing a green, environmentally friendly way of making your propane tank purchase. Yes, we know. But if you need propane, would your rather get a tank that has been reclaimed, refurbished, and requalified by a government certified business, or would you rather leave that tank in a landfill and unnecessarily buy new?

When our tanks are recertified, they are fully expected to be good for ten years. The same rule as applies to new tanks. No tank that is older than ten years from their certification date can be refilled without being requalified/recertified.

How well do we know our business? Well, we supply thousands of refurbished tanks each year to businesses that operate tank exchange programs in BC and all over the rest of Canada, as well as for our own tank exchange business in British Columbia, Tank4Tank.

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